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Dart Container is the world’s premier manufacturer of packaging solutions for the foodservice industry and is proud to set the industry standard of excellence. Whether you are looking for your first job, a new opportunity or the next step in your career, explore the opportunities at Dart. Be a part of Dart and be a part of the industry standard of excellence.

Engineering – The employees of the Engineering Department solve problems and provide service in many very important ways. We utilize chemical, mechanical, electrical and quality engineers, as well as other areas of specialty such as chemists, programmers, and people interested in science and technology. These employees provide their expertise and training to help our company solve issues on our manufacturing floors, create new products and processes, and to push the envelope in research and development for current and future product lines.

Facilities Engineering – The Facilities Engineering Department manages construction projects around the globe. In addition, we provide maintenance services for the corporate campus and consulting services to all locations. Opportunities include positions in buildings and grounds, security, drafting, facilities engineering and project management.

Corporate Procurement – In the Corporate Procurement Department, our mission is to provide the best value proposition that fulfills all of the company’s requirements for goods and services, on a timely and continuous basis, through a strategic procurement process.  Procurement professionals are involved in the sourcing of goods, consisting of supplier selection, qualifying, bidding, pricing, negotiating, awarding, contracting, and measuring of all terms and conditions of sale.  Procurement also assists in order entry, resolution of supplier claims, non-conformances, and quality issues as they arise.  Procurement is organized by commodity and is responsible for sourcing of all raw materials, direct materials, indirect materials and services.

Accounting – In the Accounting Department, you can put your love of numbers to work. Whether you're a qualified high school graduate or a certified public accountant, you can help our department pay employees and vendors, collect cash from customers, report financial results to senior management, and provide required information to governmental agencies. We also provide support to other Dart departments as well as set up and monitor internal controls to help ensure the long-term prosperity of the company.

Marketing Management – As a member of the Marketing Management Department, you will make a significant contribution to the decision making process affecting the long term profitability of the company. As a member of the department, you will interact with multiple groups in a fast-paced business environment while working on a wide variety of projects including cost accounting, pricing/profitability decisions, new product development and market/product line management.

Tax – The Tax Department serves the company by maximizing available resources through the development of strategies that minimize the worldwide tax burden, and by achieving 100% on-time filing and payment of global tax compliance obligations. Members of our team prepare and review domestic and foreign tax returns for business entities, individuals, trusts and private foundations, engage in research and planning, and develop transfer pricing solutions.

Treasury – The Treasury Department is responsible for cash management, financial reporting, financial analysis, and retirement plan administration. Your expertise in these areas can promote the success of our company for the long term.

Government Affairs and Environment – The Government Affairs and Environment Department is charged with representing the company to provide education and testimony regarding Dart products. The members of the group are involved with promoting recycling and other Dart Green Care programs, providing facts regarding the materials used to manufacture Dart products and testifying before various government agencies on behalf of the company.

Human Resources – The Human Resources Department exists to flawlessly deliver strategically aligned HR services to Dart’s business units and its employees. Functions include recruitment and retention, training and people development, benefits administration and employee support services, all designed to provide a foundation for long-term personnel stability and growth.

Information Systems – The Information Systems Department provides 24-hour support to domestic and international employees and customers. Our services are diverse and include software systems development, support and administration of Windows based servers and iSeries, preparation and deployment of personal computers and notebooks, Help Desk support, and training for a variety of applications. Our goal is to assist our company by increasing efficiencies through the use of technology.

Machinery Manufacturing – The Machinery Manufacturing Division supports Dart’s foodservice container operations by supplying production facilities around the world with machinery and thermoform tooling. There are multiple areas of support within Machinery Manufacturing including CNC programming, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, supply chain management, machining, fabrication and assembly. These groups work together to supply Dart with the technology necessary to maintain its position as an industry leader.

Production – Dart Container's Production Facilities are the centerpiece of operations, providing our customers across the globe with innovative packaging solutions. An expansive number of roles are needed in each manufacturing facility, including packing, quality assurance, machine operations, line supervision, and skilled trades. Safety, efficiency and quality are crucial elements of our manufacturing operations, providing a positive work environment and excellent service to our customers.

Marketing Management – As a member of the Marketing Management department, you will make a significant contribution to the decision making process affecting the long term profitability of the company. As a member of the department, you will interact with multiple groups in a fast-paced business environment while working on a wide variety of projects including cost accounting, pricing/profitability decisions, new product development and market/product line management.

Outside Sales & Support – In order to bring our products to market, Dart boasts an extensive Outside Sales and Support team. Sales personnel are home office based, and generate sales through a network of distributors, stores and operators for an assigned territory. Their efforts are supported and enhanced by a sales office in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Responsibilities of the office include training, administrative support and market research.

Sales Support & Customer Service – The Administrative Sales Department provides a range of professional, highly competent administrative sales support services to both our worldwide sales force and our customers around the globe. Providing exceptionally reliable and award-winning customer service is an everyday Sales Department contribution to our company's success.

Market Research – The Market Research department has two primary functions, participation in the development of new products sold through all sales divisions, and providing support to our worldwide sales force to help them successfully sell our current products. In the development of new products, Market Research personnel conduct field research and in-house testing to understand the preferences of customers and the performance of current food & beverage packaging, in an effort to develop new products that will solve problems and satisfy unmet needs. We then work to communicate this information to our sales force so that they can consult & educate customers on how to improve operational efficiencies & enhance profitability.

Graphic Services – The Graphic Services Department provides professional graphic design development and production services in support of the custom printed products and the associated packaging, which Dart supplies to a worldwide market.

Production Planning and Distribution – Production Planning and Distribution is involved in inventory management and logistics with an eye toward providing our customers with the highest service levels in the industry. Roles within the department include production scheduling, distribution scheduling, customer delivery scheduling, materials management, truck fleet management, capacity planning and forecasting.

Trucking – DTX Trucking is a privately owned fleet of Dart Container, which distributes product to customers across North America. Tractor trailer drivers are home every weekend and periodically throughout the week as they make regional deliveries. In addition to drivers, other opportunities include mechanics and support staff.