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Dart Container Volunteers In Annual Great LA River Clean-Up


LOS ANGELES, Calif. – On Saturday, April 16, employees, friends and family from Dart Container’s Corona facility joined thousands of volunteers in cleaning-up litter and debris from the Los Angeles River as part of the 27th Annual Great LA River Clean-Up, hosted by the Friends of the LA River (FoLAR). This is the seventh consecutive year in which Dart employees have volunteered to help clean-up the Los Angeles River. The annual three-day clean-up takes place at 15 different sites along the 51-mile river; what started 27 years ago with 10 volunteers has since grown to thousands of people who are dedicated to keeping the LA River beautiful and free of litter.

“This is an important cleanup to Dart Container because it gives us the opportunity to volunteer our time to help clean an iconic watershed in Los Angeles,” said Michael Westerfield, Director of Recycling for Dart Container. “We are proud to have volunteered for the Great LA River Clean-Up for seven consecutive years, and our employees, friends and families are gratified to continue doing their part to keep Los Angeles beautiful.”

Dart employees who participated in the Great LA River clean-up also educated volunteers on how expanded polystyrene products, like foam cups, bowls and “clamshell” take-out containers, can be recycled in LA’s residential curbside program. Often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam, a trademark of Dow, these products stamped with the chasing arrows triangle with the number six in the middle are made of a thermoplastic and can be recycled repeatedly. Popular products made with this recycled material include picture frames and crown molding.

Last year, volunteers of the Great LA River Clean-Up gathered 40 tons of trash from the waterway. To learn more about FoLAR, visit http://folar.org.