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Healthcare improvement alliance recognizes Dart as superior supplier


(Charlotte, NC) - Dart has demonstrated our commitment to setting the Industry Standard of Excellence by earning the Supplier Legacy Award from Premier Inc., a healthcare performance improvement alliance based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Premier recognized Dart for our outstanding support of alliance members by providing exceptional customer service and engagement, creating value and helping lower costs.

“The Legacy Award is a significant honor and testimony to the efforts of our entire organization,” said Coy Ford, National Sales Manager—Foodservice Division.  “It is extremely rare for a non-foods supplier to receive this award, made even more special because it is voted on by the membership, with whom our sales people have clearly established Dart as the standard.”  

Dart Sales Representatives and District Managers made hundreds of calls to individual alliance members across the country to sell them on Dart’s quality, value and service.

Marcia Rohde, the Corporate Account Manager responsible for Premier, accepted the award on behalf of Dart at Premier’s 2016 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition last month.

“Dart has been supporting Premier members for years offering valuable products and services that help to lower supply chain costs and improve operating efficiencies,” said Durral R. Gilbert, Premier’s President of Supply Chain Services. “Dart has also supported alliance members during periods of increased need at a local level. We’re honored to recognize Dart as a Legacy Award recipient.”

As an industry leader, Premier, Inc. assists an alliance of about 3,600 U.S. hospitals and 120,000 other providers in using comprehensive databases to implement best practices and cost-reduction strategies.