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Dart Donates Product to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts and Prepares for Hurricane Irma


Person holding white foam cup with the text "This cup generously donated by Dart Container Corporation" printed on cup

Mason, Mich. – Dart Container Corporation’s ongoing in-kind donation relationship with the American Red Cross has ensured a steady supply of cups for ongoing Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts. Through this longstanding partnership, Dart has donated more than 40,000 cases of cups, valued at over $1 million. Immediately prior to Harvey’s landfall, Dart verified that the Red Cross had sufficient product donation inventory on-hand.

In addition to our partnership with the American Red Cross, Dart has donated more than 9,000 cases of plates, cups and bowls, supplying over six million pieces of dinnerware directly to first responders and hurricane victims in Texas. Dart also is supporting our customers who are serving free meals to first responders in Houston by providing them with free foodservice packaging.

“We are closely monitoring weather conditions to ensure the safety of our employees,” said Dart President Jim Lammers. “We remain prepared to serve our customers and are working closely with them and our suppliers to adjust deliveries as needed.

We will continue to monitor the ongoing recovery efforts,” Lammers continued. “Our thoughts are with those affected by both storms.”

Download the Press Release for more information