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Iconic Anthora™ Cup Featured on NYC’s 2018 Bike Map


NYC Pays Homage to the Original NYC Coffee Cup


May 23, 2018, New York City, NY – The original Anthora™ cup – the on-the-go coffee cup that came to symbolize New York’s active lifestyle – is now beckoning bicycles to hit NYC’s streets, bike lanes and trails.

The paper cup The New York Times once called “perhaps the most successful cup in history” is making a special appearance on the cover of the New York City Department of Transportation 2018 NYC Bike Map.

On the map’s cover, Anthora’s familiar “We are happy to serve you” message has been modified to “We are happy to bike here,” and the Greek-inspired key design and steaming coffee cups have been altered in favor of a biking motif. The modifications were made with permission from Dart Container Corporation and the Solo Cup Operating Corporation, which owns the Anthora™ cup trademarks.
“In the last few years, a daily bike ride has become a part of thousands of New Yorkers’ daily routine,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “This year’s bike map recreates the iconic Anthora™ coffee cup, associated with the hustle, bustle and daily morning ritual of so many New Yorkers – repurposed into a bike-friendly message. We thank Dart Container and SOLO for allowing us to use their Anthora™ design this year to reach New York cyclists – whether they need a caffeine boost or not!”

The cup’s time-honored design includes traditional Greek colors and an Amphora urn and gained popularity more than 50 years ago with the Greek immigrants who owned many NYC diners. It became so recognizable on the city’s streets that it began appearing frequently in movies and television shows. Now, coffee from any movie or TV show set in New York has to be sipped from an Anthora™ cup. The cup has been filmed in the hands of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Hamm, Tommy Lee Jones and countless others.

The New York City bike map is an annual free publication of the NYCDOT. You can download a PDF of the map at www.nyc.gov/bikemap.

Find out more about NYC’s favorite cup by visiting www.dartcontainer.com for more Anthora™ Cup Fun Facts.

The Anthora™ cup is not available for purchase by the general public but restaurants can order it through Dart’s distributors in the region. Contact Dart Container at sales@dart.biz for more information.