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    Prima™ Clear Strawless Lid

    Prima™ Clear Strawless Lid

    ♳ Made of Recyclable PET
    Crystal Clear and Crack Resistant

    Looking to go strawless? Prima™ clear strawless lid is the perfect solution for serving eco-friendly, straw free cold drinks. The unique contoured design offers a versatile way to drink cold beverages with ice and foamed beverages with ease. Prima™ clear strawless lid is compatible with both Solo® UltraClear™ PET and Conex® ClearPro® PP cups. One lid fits the five most popular cold cup sizes, reducing inventory and increasing operational efficiencies!

    Check locally, may not be recycled in your area




    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Diameter of Lid Height (in)
    626NSL Prima™ PET Strawless Lid - Clear 4.0 0.8

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Packing per Sleeve Sleeves Per Case Items Per Case
    626NSL 100 10 1000

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Case Length Case Width Case Height Case Cube(ft³) Case Weight (lbs.)
    626NSL 20.6 8.6 20.9 2.1 11.9


    Stock Number UPC printed on film UPC GTIN
    626NSL 0 41594 26135 4 0 41594 26136 1 0 00 41594 26136 1
    • One lid fits Solo® Ultra Clear™ PET cup sizes 12 squat through 26oz and Conex® ClearPro® PP cups sizes 12oz through 24oz.
    • Angled reservoir contains spills on the lid and diverts liquids back into the cup
    • Specially designed sip hole is an optimal size and shape allow foam to flow while holding ice cubes back to enhance drinking experience
    • Recessed sip hole provides drinking comfort by eliminating sharp edges
    • Elevated platform allows extra room for foam and toppings. Ideal for gourmet beverages like Nitro Coffee


    Stock Number Material
    626NSL PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate

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