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Foam Recycling Centers


Foam recycling drop-off locations open to the public.

Browse the map for a foam recycling center. The map includes curbside pick-up locations for foam recycling as well as drop-off foam recycling centers.

By clicking on the indicators on the map above, you will be provided with addresses where foam can be recycled. 

For more foam recycling locations go to www.earth911.com and search for "Styrofoam" or go to www.homeforfoam.com


Recycla-Pak Illustration

Recycla-Pak Mail-back Program

Recycling Partners Illustration

Recycling Partners


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Recycling Center Information

Dart Collects Foam for Recycling throughout the United States

Recycling Specifications

NOTE: Dart Container Corporation does not pay for material delivered to us, nor will we reimburse for shipping. We reserve the right to refuse any foam that does not meet the above criteria.