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Oriented Polystyrene

Learn more about this material, including recovery and recycling and which Dart products are made from it.

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Oriented polystyrene is a durable, flexible, economical material for when crystal-clarity is key. Products made from oriented polystyrene are marked by a “6” within a solid triangle – its resin identification code. This is usually found on or near the bottom of the product.

Oriented polystyrene starts as a liquid monomer and is transformed into a stable, solid polymer. It’s then used to produce containers through extrusion.


requires laying an extruded sheet of plastic over a mold. Then heat and suction are used to form the plastic into the shape of the mold. Once shaped, these sheets are cooled and trimmed to create the finished product.


Oriented polystyrene can be recycled. Recycling facilities are limited at this time; however, access is increasing in the US and Canada. Packaging that is less than 2”x2”x2” or black in color is unlikely to be recovered at typical sorting facilities.

For the most accurate information, we recommend checking with your local municipality or waste hauler to see if oriented polystyrene is accepted in your community’s recycling program. 

Oriented polystyrene cups can be recycled through certain mail-in programs, like TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™. You may also search for oriented container recycling by zip code or mail-back program at Earth911.

Temperature Range

33°F to 212°F

Temperature ranges should only be used to guide the customer's testing protocol to ensure the product will work properly for their specific application.



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