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Coated Paper

Poly-coated Paper

Learn more about this material, including recovery and recycling and which Dart products are made from it.

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Dart’s paperboard products are made from large paperboard rolls that are upwards of 13,000 feet long (that’s almost two and a half miles!). Cups, plates and containers are cut from the paperboard.

Dart uses different kinds of coatings to create moisture barriers on paper products. Our poly-coated paper cups and containers use polyethylene, a plastic laminate. Single-sided coatings work best for hot food and drinks, while double-sided coatings work best for cold food and drinks.


Certain paper cups and takeout containers can be recycled where facilities exist. We have found that acceptability may vary based on the paperboard coating.

Poly-coated paper recycling is limited, but opportunities are growing. For the most accurate information, we recommend checking with your local municipality or waste hauler to see if poly-coated is accepted in your community’s recycling program.

Temperature Range

32°F - 205°F

Temperature ranges should only be used to guide the customer's testing protocol to ensure the product will work properly for their specific application.




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