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About Us

The collaboration between Omni Recycling, LLC (an affiliate of Dart Container Corporation) and Plastic Recycling, Inc. (PRI) —co-located at PRI’s Rockville Road facility—specializes in the reclamation and recycling of post-consumer foam and solid polystyrene (PS) material.

The wash-and-dry line reclaims post-consumer PS from residential programs in the US and Canada. Typical products include foam cups, party cups, fast food containers, packaging foam, yogurt cups and more!






The center’s capacity is approximately 16 million pounds per year and produces finished materials that are made into a variety of useful products such as:

• Plastic cores for paper rolls manufactured by PRI.

• Densified logs and pellets of recycled material.

• Pellets compounded for companies that use the material to make picture frames, tape dispensers, crown molding, baseboards and more.





Contact Us

Omni Recycling, LLC 

7601 Rockville Rd, 

Indianapolis, IN 46214



Omni uses the Association of Plastic Recycler's bale specifications- https://plasticsrecycling.org/resources/model-bale-specs