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Clear containers, attractive food and great value play important roles in gaining impulse sales for supermarkets. But what if you could count on sales from well-planned grocery trips, too?

Recent research from Technomic shows that nearly 60% of trips to the supermarket are planned and 66% of shoppers buy prepared foods from retail three or more times per month. That’s a tremendous opportunity to capture both impulse sales and become a part of the shopper’s plan.

To continue to grow your supermarket’s bakery, deli, produce and prepared meals department, you’ll want to have a plan in place to capture the attention of those regularly scheduled grocery trips.

66% of shopers buy retail-prepared foods 3x or more per month.


How do you make your supermarket foodservice options part of the plan? There are a few different areas you can focus on.

Front and Center

Just like you want your food to be visible to encourage impulse sales, you’ll want clear containers to help show off your prepared meals and sides. This shows shoppers that your food is fresh and increases their confidence in your offerings!

Show off your food with ClearPac® SafeSeal.

Items for All Meals

While many customers are looking for full prepared meals, don’t discount those that just need a little assistance. Prepared ingredients, like diced onions, sliced medleys and cut fruits and vegetables lend a helping hand that today’s busy shoppers will appreciate.

Package meal starters in SafeSeal™ Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Bowls.

Watch the Clock

Lunch and dinner are your best opportunity to capture your audience, but they will have very different needs. Lunch shoppers will likely be looking for single-serve portions or maybe even snacks as a meal replacement. Dinner shoppers will want meal deals to take home and enjoy with the family.

Ready-to-eat meals look great in PresentaBowls® Pro

Snack Attack

On the subject of snacks, you’ll want to offer a wide variety. Some shoppers may want to indulge in a treat, like a pudding parfait, while others may be looking to fuel their day with vegetables and hummus. Your snack offerings should offer two main features: easy to grab ‘n’ go and ready-to-eat.

Serve up variety with our Cup Inserts.

Don’t Forget Delivery

Because of COVID-19, 42% of consumers are purchasing groceries online at least once per week. 71% of grocery delivery users say they would add a prepared foods meal to their order at least occasionally. Give them the chance! Consider asking at online checkout if they’d like to add that week’s bakery special or make use of your online ordering platform to feature your foodservice departments.

Provide peace of mind with TamperGuard Snack Boxes

Meet Them Where They Are

The best way to make your deli, bakery, produce or prepared meal department part of the plan is to stay top of mind. And you’ll want to talk to shoppers both as they leave work and prepare for dinner and as they plan out the week’s meals over the weekend. Make sure you’re talking about your specials in your emails, social media posts and even in push notifications, if you have a mobile app. Experiment with different messages at different times until you find the right combination that works for you.

Elevate your prepared meals with Creative Carryouts® OctaView®.


You work hard to provide fresh and convenient foods for your customers. From indulgent treats in the bakery to ready-to-eat prepared meals and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered. Browse our suggested food packaging for supermarkets or reach out to one of our expert sales reps for more packaging suggestions.

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